PODS is only $99 per month for long-term renters - Oklahoma City - Moving pods Oklahoma City

PODS is only $99 per month for long-term renters — Oklahoma City

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Now PODS is offering special pricing to customers who want to store their stuff in your climate-controlled Storage Center for three months or more. You will pay no Delivery or Re-delivery charges on your container. Call 800-776-7637 and ask for BUNDLE pricing in order to get this deal. For those moving from one part of Oklahoma city to another, and storing for three months or longer, you pay onl y $99 per month, plus tax. This is for people that are moving from one part ofOklahoma cityto another.

$99 is hard to beat.

PODS brings a PODS-brand storage container to your home or business. You can load the container yourself, or we can have someone load it for you. Then we take your container to our Storage Center for safekeeping, or straight on to your new destination.

PODS can move you across town or across the country. We operate in 42 states, Canada and Australia. We founded the portable storage industry.

Our standard container is 8 feet high, 8 feet wide and 16 feet long. It generally holds about 1500 square feet of a person's home.

Our patented Podzilla lift mechanism lifts your PODS-brand storage container gently from the bed of our truck onto your driveway. The container stays level at all times. We do not use a roll-off, which many of our competitors use. A roll-off will SLAM your container to the ground.